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Products We Offer:
FHA Appraisal Reports
Conventional Appraisal Reports
BPO (Broker Price Opinion)
Condo Appraisal Reports
Investment Property Reports
Operating, Income & Rent Schedule

Now Offering:
AVM's ($20.00) Each
We have Preferred programs that can give your firm Unlimited AVM's!
Included Value Add Products:
AMC Direct Provides, as a part of our service, a RealView property report.  Sourcing more data, more accurately than any other solution of its kind, RealView is the revolutionary business rules engine that rapidly processes and analyzes appraisals for compliance, completeness, and consistency versus appraisal industry guidelines and the client's customized appraisal review rule set. This innovative, configurable and highly sophisticated platform significantly enhances appraisal quality control and assurance, empowering Mortgage Lenders, Insurers and Compliance Agencies, Servicers, Credit Unions, Banks, Thrifts and Investors to thoroughly and quickly review appraisals with a significant reduction - as much as 60% - in review time and errors.
Custom Solutions to Fit Your Needs:
We understand that every business and every business model is different.  With the ever changing needs of investors, from QM products to the growing Non -QM and Jumbo Loan markets, every mortgage company has different needs.  Call Us at 800-419-6855 Today to discuss how we can help you customize AVM's, Appraisal Review tools and other automated services to help you become more efficient for your clients, business partners and your organization to run on the highest levels!

With our 40+ combined years of mortgage lending experience, you can rest assured we understand your needs and are here to help your business grow!
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